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Hints & Tips

Front loading washing machines are now very popular. However because they use so little water in comparison to old fashioned machines people can experience difficulties if they don’t know how to best use these new machines.

Tips on getting the most out of your front loader:

1. Do not use too much powder.

• Any modern machine that uses less water needs less powder. If you do use too much powder it will not properly dissolve. You may also get powder stains all over your clothes and powder residues may build up and eventually clog up the outlet pipes. Cleaning out clogged pipes is not covered by manufacturer’s warranties.

2. Preferably use powder or liquids designed for front loaders.

• These products are specially designed and contain ingredients that wash very effectively but do not foam or cause excessive amounts of bubbles. Front loading machines do not like cheap powders or liquids that bubble excessively and if used you may have problems with excessive foam spilling out of the machine.

3. Cold water VS Warm or Hot water.

• No matter what type of detergent you use you can simple dissolve more detergent in warm or hot water then you can in cold water, as a result if you are going to use a cold water cycle you must use a product designed for cold water washing. Many people find that front loaders actually perform better when using warm or hot water.

4. Front loading machines use much less water.

• When they rinse the detergent is often not rinsed out of the outlet pipes, this can be a particular problem for people who are using cold wash cycles.
• The solution to this problem is to throw in a hot or warm water wash once in a while to help dissolve and flush away detergent residues before they have a chance to build up.
• Always use a good quality detergent. David McKay & Co recommends Wash Magic as a rinse aid to help wash your clothes better and keep your machine draining properly.